We choose each other.

I know the women I love to work with, but you have to choose to work with me.  When we talk on the phone, or meet for our first session, I expect that we are both asessing if this is the right fit.   There are thousands of therapists, all who have their own version of what the best therapy looks like.  So here is a little Q & A to help you get to know my style.

Q: What kind of therapist are you?

A: I'm a psychodynamic-oriented therapist who uses the feminist perspective.  Meaning I'm old-school and progressive, the best of both worlds.  

Q: How does that look in session?

A: I will approach your life with curiosity and compassion, and through that lens together we will seek understanding and growth. I hold a very specific space to create the therapeutic relationship.  The relationship facilitates your own self-discovery process.  

Q: Wait, so am I going to do all the work? Cause I talk to myself all the time anyway...

A: Oh, we will both be working.  I work very hard.  But we both have to be working to make progress.  

Q: So how long does this take?

A: My clients typically gain insight on day one.  Yet our capacity for going deep into the work is only as strong as our trust.  And trust does take time to develop.  Most of my clients see the benefits of our sessions increase overtime, meaning the longer we work together the more progress you make.