Women Activists Incubator Retreat

The Women Activists Incubator Retreat is for female activists to recharge and reinvigorate in the company of other women who are out on the front lines. This retreat is offered free-of-charge to women activists and is inclusive of trans and gender non-conforming people. Our intention is to provide inspiration, rest, and retreat for women who are on the frontlines and to cultivate a space for connecting and collaborating.


About the Women Activists Incubator Retreat

This retreat will support social justice work that defends and lifts up the human rights of all people and reverses the harm being done to our planet. We will encourage and inspire each other to strengthen our action together. Each woman will have an opportunity for her work to be the focus of the group, providing time for brainstorming and strategizing as well as addressing the personal challenges that arise from this work, supporting each woman in her continued development of skills to stay committed and fulfilled. We will focus on strategizing ways to inspire and motivate others to join forces with your action. In addition to activating and inspiring, we will hold a space for being, for listening, for uplifting, for loving.

This retreat is for you if:

You are taking action as a central feature of your life

You want to become more effective and expand your reach as an activist

You want to inspire and motivate others to join forces with your action

You are in need of some time for visioning and manifesting your next steps

You want to get tuned into your intuition, power, and clarity and use it to speak and act effectively

You want to be part of a community of support with other women activists working on issues you care about


Retreat Dates

October 19-21 (Friday at 5pm until Sunday at 1pm) at the Weber Center in Adrian, Michigan

Additional retreats are being scheduled in San Francisco, CA, Boulder, CO, Sedona, AZ, and Pittsburgh, PA. Final dates and details TBA (we will post them here as they are finalized!)


Our Sponsors

This retreat is offered free-of-charge to women activists thanks to individual and organizational sponsors like you!

Patricia Fero and Lauren Tatarsky (bios on right side panel) are offering a unique opportunity to directly support women who are out on the front lines for various movements on a daily basis. They have organized a 3-day retreat that will provide support and rejuvenation for women who are devoting their lives to organizing and activism. These are women who are championing various causes that require powerful action. Scholarships will be provided by funders who wish to support this crucial work. 

Those of us who see the dire situation we are in often feel helpless and overwhelmed at the events unfolding in our country and the world. Many of us have busy schedules and want to do more, but are not sure of the best use of our time and resources. Because our freedoms are being attacked at every front, donating in this way to women leaders who are acting in various movements, means that your contribution is expanded exponentially. 

This retreat will provide a space for connecting, inspiring, and activating the work that the attendees are already doing. We will address the personal challenges that arise from this work and support each woman in the continued development of skills to stay committed and fulfilled. We will also focus on strategies and ways to increase effectiveness of their action. Thank you for your support!

Sponsorship Levels

Radical: sponsor entire retreat for 12 women- $5,000

Revolutionary: co-sponsor entire retreat for 12 women- $2,500

Committed: sponsor 1 woman to attend 1 retreat- $400

Supporter: donate what you can, $10, $25, $50

Donate via our gofundme page, click here

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Our Activists

Click here to view pictures and bios of women attending our October retreat in Adrian MI!

The women who participate in our retreats are doing work in the following arenas:

Anti-racism and White Privilege

LGBTQ Rights

Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship

Animal Rights

Women's Rights

Gun Control

Immigrant Rights

Poverty and Homelessness

Children's Rights