White Pines Teaching About Magic

Today I'm going to talk to you more about Magic. Let me tell you more about what Magic is. It's aliveness. It's light. It's Darkness. It's Beauty. It's love. It's connection. It's Unity. It's color.

These are all aspects of Magic. No one talks about Magic anymore. It was overridden by mechanics and lifelessness. Hierarchical dominion over the natural world and all humans who were not powerful white men was a paradigm that did its best to destroy Magic.

Magic is returning because it must and it can. Be a bringer of the magic. Immerse yourself in the magic. Live in the magic. Now go take Dexter for his magical walk in the woods.

Your companion animals are a bridge between the Western Material World devoid of connection with a magic of the real world.

Remember when that history teacher told you that the Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates use the word Real with an uppercase R to write or speak about the natural world of spirit. The lowercase real described man-made world devoid of spirit. Where you are now sitting on a moss covered fallen tree here with Dexter romping and chewing on sticks is the Real world. You are learning that this Real world is communicating to you and your job is to listen and to hold this world in your heart.

The Woodpecker is delivering her message for you now. She is pecking insistently giving you the message of persistence in hearing, scribing, and delivering my message.

Listen to the bird that is calling so loudly. It's a robin and it is a harbinger of spring. You're surprised that I'm using the word harbinger. I carry the Whitepine energies of the name and identity that are presented to you, but I am so much more.

Feel the energy here. You can smell it and feel the green returning. In a month this area will be covered with Trillium and Sweet William and bloodroots. We are making our way up to the light through the dark moist pregnant soil. We will burst forth in a show of brilliance just around the corner.

I use the word Corner intentionally because I want to talk to you about the contrast between corners and circles and Magic.

Magic was exiled from your world intentionally because Magic is the most powerful force in the universe.

Corners are man-made and linear. This energy had its time but it is now over. Enough of you are returning to the World of Magic. Magic has survived.

Remember the line from The Buffy Sainte-Marie song. God is alive magic is afoot. You are here, deeply immersed in it. It has always been here waiting. Love it. Love it and go on your way.

See how at home Dexter feels. He loves the leaves and the dirt and he explores and sniffs everything. He digs and chews sticks and frolics. He's at home here. Learning to become at home in the woods is a step forward that you non-indigenous can take. Becoming at home in the woods. Look for ways to do this.

This will help. Tap in and notice how different it feels to know you are a part of this Magic. We are Magic, you know. Your people gave up Magic when the patriarchal system took over. The Magic has never gone away. You just stopped tapping into it.