What is the Waking Up and Marching Forth Tour?

The Waking Up and Marching Forth Tour is a series of immersion retreats inspired by the urgency of these times and the planetary distress we are in. The dynamic duo of Lauren Tatarsky (youth) and Patricia Fero (elder) as collaborators and co-facilitators creates a high powered, deeply rooted retreat designed to catalyze and accelerate your capacity to take your place as a key player in reversing the trajectory of our planet. This retreat is for women who have been committed to or are interested in the path of sacred activism and would like to further activate this movement in their community. If you are looking to step into your power, ignite your soul, discover and retain access to your inner oracle, and take action in this incredibly urgent time in our world, then this retreat is designed for you.


We invite you to join our tribe of inspired, activated women from all over the country. This retreat is for you if…

You are a warrior for Mother Earth

You are on fire about playing your part

You are done talking and ready to take action

You recognize that this is the most important time in human history

You are committed to your own internal work

You are in touch with your own power and want support in stepping more fully into that space

You are passionate about partaking in projects to benefit humanity and the planet

You don’t hesitate to acknowledge pain, suffering, and hardship

You are befriending your anger and want to expand your relationship with moral outrage

You are aware of the effects of external and internalized patriarchy

You are not afraid to use your voice powerfully regardless of popularity

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About Younger/Elder Dyads

Lauren and Patricia met synchronistically and came to realize that the combination of Lauren as an on-fire 30 year-old and Patricia as a committed, experienced elder created a synergy that was unexpected. As they began focusing on this younger/elder dyad, they discovered they had stumbled upon an alchemy that was significantly more dynamic than simply the combination of the two. 

We are so trained to diminish ourselves. Working in a dyad allows for a system of mutual empowerment. This accelerates our movement forward and supports us in our powerful action. Elders offer wisdom to the younger and the younger offer inspiration to the elders. Lauren and Patricia have continued to develop and focus on this magic and believe that it is a model that, when replicated, can expand our effectiveness exponentially. Our retreats are designed to bring women of different generations together to grow this potent experience. We invite you to share your stories and photos of the younger/older dyads you create.

2018 Tour Dates

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Adrian, Michigan: Friday October 19 at 5pm through Sunday October 21 at 1pm @ Weber Center (webercenter.org)

Registration for this event involves TWO steps. 1) Fill out the registration form. 2) Come back to this page, select your room options from below (all retreat fees included) and enter our payment (pay pal and any major credit card accepted)

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Retreat Fee Options

Stay tuned for more dates to be announced in Pittsburgh, Boulder, San Francisco, and more!


"Lauren and Pat's Retreat was a transformative experience of awakening and connection.  They created a trusting atmosphere in which every woman's voice was invited to be fully expressed and heard.  In a small circle of women, we learned the simple but powerful tools of Fierce Listening and deep Self-discovery.  By reading, writing, speaking, singing, dancing and singing together we opened up space to honor the sacred truths in ourselves and each other.  I came away from the weekend feeling awakened and re-connected to my Heart and my Voice. This Girl is On Fire!" -Marlena Studer

"A very valuable workshop. What a honor it was to spend the weekend with  Lauren and Pat - a magic duo indeed. Their warm welcoming grace, kindness and wisdom brought a presence and energy that really helped women drop their guards, look inside themselves and bond with each other. I felt a gentle mastery in how the held the space helping women feel heard, seen and nurtured. I also witnessed their respect for the consciousness of the room, allowing it to grow and unfold naturally. That's an ART ! Heart felt connections were sparkling over the weekend; I felt a sweet community building and a deeper strength arise as a result. Grateful for all learning, insights and sharing." -Cynthia Reedy

"My experience at the women’s retreat with Lauren and Pat was very moving. Together, Lauren and Pat created a safe and welcoming space for me to connect with other women. Specifically, this retreat removed pre-existing yet unacknowledged barriers which often prevent true connection between women. The retreat fostered a supportive environment where women can express their true authenticity and let go of competition between one another. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual practice with their own soul, and with other powerful feminine souls. Get ready!" -Amy Buno, 200 hr RYT Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Root SUP Paddleboard Yoga Company

You just happen to have been given the enormous opportunity to be born in the most challenging time of all—the time that determines if, as a species, we grow or we die.
— Jean Houston
The world will be saved by Western women.
— Dalai Lama