What is your mission?

You: The Wise Elder


You’ve invested in family, education, and travel.   You have a career you feel proud of.  You feel connected to your purpose and have a deep spiritual life, but yet you still find yourslef seeking more.  You've finally decided that’s okay because you're a seeker.  You will always seek deeper connection and more impact.  

You want your kids and grandkids to be seekers too, and you know that your kids will become who you are. (You have proof.)  You want to be the "Gigi" or "Nana" that your grandkids crave being around. Not because you ask, but because they thirst for your energy. 

You're a committed seeker and wise elder.  

YOu: The Rising PhOENIx


You will not be defined by your trauma.  You've worked too hard for too long to let old wounds re-open.  You know therapy works because you've done it.  You thought you didn't "need it" anymore.  But now you've decided that therapy is a part of good emotional hygiene.  You don't want to wait to feel desparate before you talk to someone.

You value your emotional stability and want to feel more secure about it.  Sometimes it feels like just one more stressor will push you over that edge... and you refuse to go backwards. 

You're resilant and resourceful and you will continue to rise. 

YOu: The PERSISTANT Activist


Ever since the 2016 election night you've felt a significant internal shift.  Just not quite yourself anymore.  You've always felt aware of injustice and a call to service.  But now you just feel overwhelmed by the massiveness of distress everywhere you turn.  

Somedays feel fine, but then it comes back, powerlessness and questioning.... "Am I doing enough?Am I part of the problem? Or part of the solution?"

You know you have a lot to offer the world but you just don't know where your power is lately.  You've decided talking to someone might help. 

“Pat's extraordinary gift in listening and genuine curiousity has opened up space for me to connect to my inner wisdom.  She fosters a relationship that is both comforting and challenging so I've been able to grow in spiritual maturity.”
-Erin, LMSW